Season 7 Of ‘New Girl’ Is For The Fans

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New Girl’s seventh and final season will begin this spring, and although we’re not ready to say goodbye to the loft crew just yet, the fact that this season is all about the fans makes it a little easier to prepare for the end.

On Thursday (Jan. 4), the cast of New Girl, along with the show’s creator Liz Meriwether, reunited at the winter Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles to talk all about the comedy’s final season. What we learned is that, according to Meriwether, the last eight episodes will be a “love letter to the fans,” and that’s music to our ears… especially since here at People’s Choice it’s ALL about the fans.

“I’m so passionate about this show. It’s been my life for seven years. I did feel really good about the end of season six, but I really wanted a chance to say goodbye to the show with a final season,” Meriwether told the press via Entertainment Tonight at the TCAs.

While this final season will be a much shorter one, it does give both fans and the show’s cast and crew one last look at where the best friends are… three years after the season 6 finale.

“A lot of ends had been tied up in the sixth season and the network had questions about what happens next. I love these characters and I love this cast and the people who work on this show so much. Seven years, shows don’t really run that long anymore. It’s been like family for me. I fought for a final season and hopefully it was worth it,” she said.

New Girl’s executive producer Brett Baer added to Meriwether’s sentiments about coming back for one last hurrah for both the show’s crew and the dedicated fans who support them.

“We wanted to be able to end the story for them in a way that the show had a full completion,” Baer said in regards to the final season being for the fans. “This was always a show about growing up and this was a way to put our final bow on it.”

As fans of the series, we are sad to see it go, but at least everyone gets to see the likes of Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Cece one more time — for eight episodes — before officially letting New Girl go.

New Girl season 7 premieres on April 10, 2018 at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

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