‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spinoff Will Be Similar, Yet Very Different From The Doctor Drama

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The highly-anticipated Grey’s Anatomy spinoff is coming… and it’s going to be pretty different than the doctor drama.

While the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff series has yet to receive its title, the ABC series based on firefighters in Seattle does know where it’s headed story wise, and although it’ll be closely linked to Grey’s, there is one thing that will be very different when it comes to life at the fire house as opposed to the hospital.

“It was a priority for me in thinking of this as a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff that it works hand in hand with Grey’s in tone and intensity, and humor and heart. But there’s also the added element to this show that the hospital setting doesn’t allow, which is a lot of our characters on-site,” creator Stacey McKee told reporters via Entertainment Tonight at the 2018 Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.

That added element allows for action to be at the forefront of the firefighter drama, which you don’t see a lot of on Grey’s.

“They’re in the middle of action sequences, so there’s a certain level of adrenaline and energy that comes with that that you don’t necessarily find in the same way as Grey’s. You find it in different ways. It’s very similar in tone and spirit, but also a little bit different as well,” she added.

Although the show will take place in very close proximity to Grey Sloan Memorial, and there will be crossover episodes and characters at times, it’s going to be different based on the active storylines and sequences.

“We had a lot of conversations about that [the tone and look] and where we landed is, we’re in the neighborhood. We’re three blocks down. It should feel like Grey’s Anatomy, certainly, when we’re on the Grey’s Anatomy sets, which is a high-quality look,” executive producer Paris Barclay told the press. “But [when we’re at the fire station], we try to make the fires more involving, we try to put you in the fire with the firefighters and make that a little bit more active.”

To see the differences between the two series, tune into the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff premiere on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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