Sofia Carson Opens Up About Acting Aspirations

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Sofia Carson sings, dances and acts, but what is her true passion? How about both?!

Carson is currently a Disney darling who has gained fame for her role of Evie in the Descendants franchise, and is working on her debut record, and despite the fact that she is a busy lady, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I grew up idolizing women like Cher, Barbara Streisand, even Jennifer Lopez, who didn’t have to choose. They had incredible careers in music and incredible careers in film — Cher is an Oscar winner. That has kind of been the model that I would love to follow,” Carson told the Coveteur about finding a balance between being an actress and singer.

With idols like Jennifer Lopez and Cher, Carson isn’t planning on choosing one career path or the either, and instead wants to focus on singing and acting, and we are all for it.

“I equally love film and I equally love music, and I think it’s different forms of expressing myself and telling a story,” she said. “If I’m lucky enough, I would like to keep doing both — keep making films and to keep releasing music.”

With Carson’s first record on its way — she previously teased that “you’ll be getting something early 2018” when it comes to her music — and fans cry for another Descendants film in the future, the Florida native might just get her dream of being a mega star in both the acting field and singing arena sooner rather than later.

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