‘Downton Abbey’ Star Reveals Whether There’s Still Hope For A Movie

(Photo Courtesy: BBC America)
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As soon as Downton Abbey ended in 2016 there has been a cry for a revival or reunion movie. Luckily, all hope is not lost.

While a few actors and actresses have said they are on board for a Downton Abbey movie, there hasn’t been a ton of action towards making it happen… at least not yet. The good news is that Phyllis Logan, who played Mrs. Hughes on the series, is keeping our hope alive for more from the Crawley family and their loyal staff.

“It’s not dead in the water by any means, but then I’m waiting for the call,” Logan told reporters at the Television Critics Awards Winter Press Tour via TV Guide this week. “There is a script floating around, but I think they’re waiting until it’s sort of finalized before any of us get a proper look at it.”

Despite the fact that there is a rumored script and talks about a movie reunion, nothing has been set in stone. The cast and crew, however, do know how much the fans want more from the aristocrats and their amazing staff members, and so there is a good chance that someday we will get more.

“There’s an appetite for it with all the fans. There’s definitely an appetite for it. I think if it was approached and dealt with in the right way, it could be really good,” Logan explained. “I’d just love to get back together with all the old gang and have one last hurrah.”

With so much love from the fans, and the cast members, we’re still rooting for a Downton Abbey reunion film — even if all the different schedules are causing issues filming wise. What do you think about a Downton Abbey movie, do you still want one? Let us know in the comments below.

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