Justin Timberlake Says New Album Is ‘Personal’

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Justin Timberlake is channeling his inner nature man with his new record, and it’s totally personal.

As soon as Timberlake announced that he had a new record coming out called Man of the Woods, he made it clear that being outdoors, in areas like Memphis where he grew up, has been part of his inspiration. That was made even more clear at the singer’s New York City debut event for the album on Tuesday, where, according Billboard, he served bugs for his fans… but don’t freak out too much because the main message is a lot more relatable.

“I’m not going to go all Ray LaMontagne,” Timberlake said at the listening party via Billboard, referring to the singer-songwriter who is known for his rock and folk sound. Timberlake’s new album is still dancey and upbeat like you’d expect from the former NSYNC singer.

According to Billboard, he then called his upcoming album a “personal album” and told reporters that it is a tribute record to his family, especially his son Silas, whose name actually means “living in the woods.” In fact, it was his son’s name that really set him on the path for this new batch of songs.

“That’s where I got the idea,” Timberlake noted. Seriously, could this guy be any sweeter? Naming an album and running with an idea all because of his son, that is too cute.

Silas was such a big inspiration for Man of the Woods that you can actually hear his little voice on the last track of the album called, “Young Man.” The record will also feature Alicia Keys on “Morning Light” and country singer Chris Stapleton on “Say Something.”

The full album is set to drop on February 2, 2018, which is two days before Super Bowl LII, which Timberlake will be performing at as the halftime headliner. So, if you don’t buy the album right away, you will be able to hear a few tracks from it live at the Super Bowl, which is definitely a win-win.

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