Louis Tomlinson Reveals Why His Album Is ‘Taking A Little Longer’

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Louis Tomlinson has always been pretty straight forward with his fans, and this month that meant getting real about the status of his first solo record.

Last week, a fan tweeted about wanting to know “what was the holdup” with the debut record, and in typical Tomlinson style, the former One Direction singer decided to be honest and tweet back at them. His answer is definitely good news for fans. It’s vague news, but good news nonetheless.

“I’m a perfectionist so things are taking a little longer,” Tomlinson replied back on Twitter in regard to his album status. “Few more songs to add! Believe me I’m as impatient as you all are! Big love.”

After months and months of waiting for any news about a release date for Tomlinson’s debut solo album it looks like we still don’t have an official drop date, but knowing that the record is going to have the “Miss You” singer’s “perfectionist” stamp of approval is a good sign. Plus, a “few more songs” being added can’t be a bad thing if you love the singer and his singles.

In addition to confirming that he knows it’s taking a long time to finish this batch of songs, Tomlinson tweeted earlier this month that he is ready and focused on getting back into the studio and wrapping up this record once and for all.

Sure, we don’t have a date yet, and almost all of his former band mates have released their first solo venture — everyone except for Liam Payne actually — but when it comes to Tomlinson you can’t rush perfection.

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