Lorde Reveals How She’s Changed Since The Release Of ‘Melodrama’

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
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Lorde’s second album Melodrama dropped in June 2017 and it has now been nominated for album of the year for the upcoming Grammy Awards, and yet the Lorde singing on the record is very different than the one who will appear at the award show.

In December, the “Green Light” singer spoke with Billboard about her latest record, life at home in New Zealand and her focus on baking while getting ready for the holidays, but the most interesting thing she talked about was what she learned while recording Melodrama, and how she’s changed since then.

“I was pleasantly surprised by myself and what I have in me — by what won’t break me. And I’ve had an amazing year of re-getting to know who I was at the time that I made it,” Lorde told Billboard when talking about how Melodrama helped her to examine her heart and relationships. “I feel a lot of tenderness and a lot of appreciation for that whole period, and for myself being able to muddle my way through it.”

Months after the record was released, Lorde admitted that she feels distant from the person she was when it was being worked on, and that’s a good thing.

“It does, because I was so much more fragile. When you’re newly alone, you have these very real moments of, ‘Am I crazy? What is my reality outside of this thing?’ You realize you’re not crazy, something just really hurts,” she explained noting that Melodrama is about overcoming heartache. “Finding your reality outside of other people is special. I feel much calmer now.”

Calmer after the storm of a breakup and successful record release is definitely a good thing, especially since Lorde is heading back on tour this spring and will be singing about her heartache on repeat.

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