Shawn Mendes Vows To Make A Niall Horan Collaboration Happen

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If all you’ve ever dreamed of is a Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan collaboration, then buckle up, because it’s definitely going to happen… we just don’t know when.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mendes got real about the possibility of him working with the Irish crooner, and if it’s up to him, a collaboration is for sure happening, but that doesn’t mean it’s happening right now.

“It will be true one day,” Mendes told Entertainment Tonight about working with the former One Direction singer. “We’re really good friends and we hang out all the time, and we are always like, ‘We should write a song,’ and then we’re planning on writing a song – and then we just end up hanging out!”

While the hangout sessions sound amazing — and we not-so-secretly wish we could join — fans want to hear the music magic that these two will most likely produce, and it is coming… somewhere down the line.

“It’s better off that way because if there’s a friendship, then the song comes easy,” he explained. “So, one day, I promise! I promise, guys.”

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for the Canadian singer to make good on his “one day” promise, but in the meantime you can focus on the fact that Mendes is working on his third studio album.

Plus, with Horan going back on tour in 2018, perhaps Mendes will make a surprise appearance at one of his shows. It could happen!

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