Camila Cabello Found Her Voice While Songwriting

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Camila Cabello released her debut solo album, Camila, on January 12, 2018 and it’s clear that she has her own stories to tell and her own songs to sing.

Despite being able to express herself through her songs now, Cabello attributes her time recording while in Fifth Harmony to her eventual desire to write for herself, and find her voice.

“With the experiences we had being in the studio, I became super-curious about songwriting and it was around the time – I think it was the second year that I was with the group – that I wanted to start songwriting for other people,” Cabello told Net-E-Porter’s The Cut in their latest edition.

Even though it was through her time in the girl group that she began to test out her songwriting abilities, she only found her voice when she was able to write for herself and not others.

“But once I was old enough to experience my first kiss, or the first time that I went out on a date, I began writing songs about it, and I didn’t want to give them away to anybody else because they were about me,” she explained. “I was finding my voice, and with it, I found the passion that gives you a deeper meaning.”

The 20-year-old singer has already reached the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 200 List with her debut record, and her voice is clear and strong, but she still looks back fondly on her time in the girl group, which all began thanks to The X Factor.

“Man, it shaped me entirely. I would not be the person that I am right now; I would not have been ready for this,” she said. “I feel like being part of a group teaches you so many things about yourself, ironically. And it also brings out this healthy competition, you know what I mean? You never want to be the one that sucks.”

Cabello might not be in Fifth Harmony any more, but we are thrilled she found her voice through solo songwriting – and now you can hear it all on her album Camila, which is available now.

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