Idris Elba Weighs In On Who He Thinks Should Be The Next James Bond

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Idris Elba would make an amazing James Bond, and after years and years of rumors that he would take on the role, and fans desire to see him, he’s once again shooting down the idea of stepping into the tuxedo and grabbing the gun.

Elba previously joked that the reason he shouldn’t be James Bond in a future 007 film is because “I think I’m too old for that,” and now he’s decided that the next Bond shouldn’t be a man of any kind. Instead, his vote is going to the ladies on this one.

“There’s no such thing as a black Bond. It’s just, are we interested in having a Bond character other than being a male?” Elba told Variety in a recent interview when asked if the world is ready for a black James Bond. “It could be a woman. It could be a black woman. It could be a white woman. But, I think that character, everyone would like to see it, do something different with it. Why not?”

Why not is a really good question! Although if we’re being honest, we wouldn’t be opposed to seeing the Luther star as the iconic spy someday. Having a female as a spy who is sleek and charming and totally fierce, however, sounds like a really great alternative.

Actresses like Emilia Clarke and Priyanka Chopra have already expressed interested in playing Bond… and not just a Bond Girl, and we could totally picture either of in the role. If there is a Bond female lead, does that make her Jane Bond, instead of James Bond? We have so many questions.

Which female would you like to see take over as 007 and become the famous British spy? Sound off in the comments below.

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