Taylor Kitsch Reveals He’s The Reason Tim Riggins Had So Few Lines On ‘Friday Night Lights’

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It’s been almost 10 years since we had to say goodbye to the Dillon Panthers and our Texas football family on Friday Night Lights, but we still hold a special place for the series in our hearts, and it’s partly due to Tim Riggins.

Tim Riggins, who was played by Taylor Kitsch for five seasons on FNL, was your dream football player. He was really talented, extremely good looking, loved Texas, and only talked when it was really necessary. While he had his faults – you know, sleeping around and drinking – he was so lovable, and while we know he is a fictional character, we still miss him.

Because Kitsch knows we always love hearing Tim Riggins news, the actor just revealed that all of those moments when Riggins was a man of few words were intentional… and all because of his acting choices. To that we can sincerely say, thank you, just thank you.

While talking about his newest Texas-based series Waco, Kitsch told GQ that when he was on Friday Night Lights he would cut his lines and instead do a look (or as we remember a handsome smolder), and he likes it that way.

“That monologue — I’m not going to say that,” he recalled telling other actors during his GQ interview. “And then here, when you ask me a question, I’m just not going to say anything.”

Kitsch isn’t like the stars you see in most films who talk a lot — at least not on screen — instead he looks to actors of old who would re-write a scene and instead draw you in with their presence. “I don’t know that many actors that do that anymore,” Kitsch noted. “Rather than just bein’ so talky.”

While it seems rare that an actor simply act with his whole being rather than talk and commit to the dialog, Kitsch is rare, and he proved it with Tim Riggins, who rarely gave a long speech, and always left us wanting more.

His role as David Koresh on Waco however will be much different — way chattier — so prepare yourself. Or, you could just re-watch Friday Night Lights and replay Tim Riggins saying, “Texas Forever,” it’s your call.

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