Chris Hemsworth Introduces Other Aussie Stars In New ‘Dundee’ Film

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Chris Hemsworth’s newest movie is taking him back down under to his Australian roots, and of course he had to bring some fellow Aussies along for the ride.

In honor of his upcoming film, Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home — which is about Crocodile Dundee getting lost in the outback, and only his son (his American son) has the chance of finding him in the land down under — Hemsworth shared the official cast intro video on Twitter on Monday (Jan. 29) and it’s safe to say that the Aussies have this movie under control.

“I couldn’t be the only Aussie in the new @DundeeMovie. Excited to introduce the full cast! #DundeeMovie #ComingSoon,” Hemsworth tweeted along with the video.

In the cast intro you see Danny McBride (who is not Australian) return to the outback as Brian Dundee, Crocodile Dundee’s son, who is first met by Hemsworth’s character Wally Jr., an Australian guide. Throughout the trailer, massive Australian actors including, Hugh Jackman (who plays the Prime Minister), Margot Robbie (who plays Lil’ Donk) and Ruby Rose (as Chief Jackson) appear.

The villain J.P. Steele, is played by Russell Crowe, and he is going to show Dundee “who the most dangerous animal in Australia is.” In addition to these Aussies, Hemsworth’s little brother, Liam Hemsworth, plays Wes Windsong, and his cameo was one we weren’t expecting, but seeing as they’re the most famous Australian brothers in Hollywood, we guess it’s only fitting they both be in this Australian-packed film.

The rest of the cast includes even more Australian stars including, Isla Fisher (as Dr. Clark), Jessica Mauboy (as Miss Thompson) and Luke Bracey (as The Cricket Legend).

Dundee has yet to get a release date, but we can tell it’s going to be funny no matter when it hits theaters.

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