What You Need To Know About NBC’s Possible 2018 Pilots

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NBC has a lot of great shows already in their TV lineup, like This Is Us, Chicago Fire and Will & Grace, but there is always room for more good TV, right? Right!

Now that it’s pilot season, NBC has ordered 10 pilots to be created in hopes of adding some of them into their 2018-2019 lineup. While we don’t know which ones will make the cut come this spring – which is when they’ll announce their fall TV lineup – a lot of these pilots sound like they would make a great new addition to the network. Check them all out below, and pick your favorite.


First up, a comedy for NBC called Abby’s. This pilot is all about Abby’s, which is an unlicensed bar in San Diego that has a unique set of rules that are enforced by the community of regulars who love the bar. They are oddly enthusiastic about these rules and use them to keep frustrating bar behavior from coming to their favorite watering hole.

The Enemy Within

Ken Woodruff is writing The Enemy Within, which is a drama focused on former CIA agent Erica Wolfe. Erica is the most notorious traitor in modern history, and yet the FBI releases her from federal prison to help stop some of the most dangerous acts of espionage threatening the US. How thrilling!


It’s the age old story of people who hate each other having to be friends, because their friends are linked. Friends-In-Law will center on Brian and Jake, who are opposites, and must figure out how to coexist now that their best friends are going to get married.

In Between Lives

On the drama front, In Between Lives will be about a young woman who uses her gift of clairvoyance (reluctantly) to aid a LAPD detective and a FBI outsider solve challenging cases. Her mysterious talent leads to her potentially talking to the dead and solving their unresolved problems or cases. It is already set to star Castle alum, Nathan Fillion.

Like Family

Another comedy NBC is looking at is Like Family, which focuses on Aubrey and Artie who have formed a sibling-like bond while growing up in foster care together. This closeness, however, will cause them issues as they enter adulthood, and navigating such a tight bond will become very complicated.


Manifest begins when a plane disappears from radar and then after years of being untraceable returns out of nowhere. For those on the plane, no time has passed, but for the ones they left behind, many years have gone by, which will cause trouble for their personal lives.

So Close

This one goes out to all of you romantics out there. It follows two hopeless romantics, Riley and Kyle, who are at a crossroads in their separate lives. Little do they know that they could be each other’s soul mates and they only live blocks apart.

Untitled Bad Boys Spinoff

Gabrielle Union will not only star in this yet-to-be titled Bad Boys spinoff, but she will also be an executive producer on the show. Union will reprise her role as Syd Burnett, who has become an LAPD detective since we last saw her. She must figure out how to do her job with a new partner, Nancy McKenna, who discovers that she might be masking a big secret.

Untitled Bellevue Hospital Project

Another untitled project on the books for NBC comes from David Schulner. It is going to be a medical drama following the new director of Bellevue Hospital. It is inspired by Dr. Eric Manheimer’s memoir Twelve Patients: Life & Death at Bellevue Hospital, and will show what it’s like to be the only hospital able to treat Ebola patients, and deal with prisoners from Rikers Island or even with the president himself.

The Village

This drama is all about the residents of a Manhattan apartment building made up of people of different races, ages and cultures. As their lives intertwine, you will discover connections between them, and you will see that together they can face a lot of things, even if they aren’t family or even friends to begin with.

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