Deadpool Live-Tweeted The Super Bowl And, It Was Super

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Super Bowl LII might be over, but if you’re already going through football withdrawals, Deadpool is here to cheer you up. In case you missed it, while the New England Patriots were playing the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday (Feb. 4), Deadpool was live-tweeting the event, and it was… super.

As fans know, Deadpool — both the character played by Ryan Reynolds and the movie — is hilarious. In typical Deadpool humor, the Twitter account for the superhero character decided to put in their two-cents about the big game, and the results are so funny.

The account — aka Deadpool himself — kicked off his coverage of the Super Bowl with a nod to Pink, who performed the National Anthem in Minnesota, and trust us, it was only the beginning.

“God, I love Pink (and not just the pop singer). Besides being my 2nd favorite shade of red, it’s also the color of the inside of people’s outsides and that lady biker gang from Grease. #DPtheSB,” the movie account wrote.

Minnesota’s grueling weather was next on the joke lineup and seriously, this was too great not to share. “Ah, to be in Minnesota right now. Because there’s nothing better than rolling around in some crisp white powder to get you through that 9 month season they call winter. #DPtheSB #SB52,” the Twitter account posted.

Of course you can’t get through a game featuring the Patriots without some sort of mention of Tom Brady, and Deadpool didn’t miss out on that either. “I loved Tom Brady in La La Land. #DPtheSB #SB52,” he noted after comparing himself to the quarterback earlier in the game.

There were so many funny tweets that we can’t share them all, but we can agree that Deadpool’s final tweet for the night, was spot on.

“Just once I’d like the winning coach to pose under the @Gatorade like he was in Flashdance, or Footloose, or whatever that Patrick Swayze movie was,” he wrote. “Oh well, maybe next year… #DPtheSB #SB52.”

Flashdance or Dirty Dancing poses under the Gatorade spill would be wonderful! Check out all of Deadpool’s live-tweets from Super Bowl LII here, and share your favorite moments from the biggest game of the year below.

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