Louis Tomlinson Reassures Fans With Update On ‘Real’ Debut Album

(Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images)
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With three of the five original members of One Direction having released complete solo records, fans of the band have been patiently waiting for the remaining two to break into the solo record game.

Although Liam Payne has yet to really focus on his solo career — despite releasing a few singles — Louis Tomlinson has been pretty vocal about his future solo album. Despite the fact that we still don’t have an official release date for the British singer’s upcoming debut record, we do have an update on what it will feature.

“Grinding away in the studio. Feeling really good about what I’m writing,” Tomlinson tweeted last week, while assuring fans he’s keeping his music “real” and “honest.”

In December, Tomlinson released his latest single in honor of the future full-length album, and then in January, the singer refocused himself on the whole record, including teasers about when it will drop — sort of.

“Getting in the studio again this month, let’s get this album finished !!” he wrote last month, hinting that the record was getting close to being done, and it’s big news.

Now that it’s February, we’re waiting to hear if January was the month that it all got wrapped up and finalized once and for all. Fingers crossed Tomlinson’s album is just around the corner from coming out!

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