Is Nick Jonas Going Country?

(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for NYLON)
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If you’ve been wondering what Nick Jonas has been working on lately, then prepare to be surprised, because the pop singer is going country!

Okay, the former Jonas Brothers singer isn’t exactly turning in his pop songs and fun dance moves for country music and the two-step, but he did just work with a major country artist… on a farm.

“Gettin down on the farm 🎶🎵 amazing couple days writing music with all these incredible people,” Jonas tweeted on Thursday (Feb. 8). “Thanks for having me @ThomasRhett the new music is going to blow people’s minds! #music.”

See, he isn’t a country singer just yet, but the “Find You” singer is hanging out with country crooner, Thomas Rhett, so he is definitely mixing genres, and we have so many questions for the two of them!

While we know that Jonas’ meeting on the farm was writing music and not necessarily recording anything, we’re a little shocked at the entire event. For starters, Jonas is the one working on new music, not Rhett, yet, he thanked the “Marry Me” singer for having him out, which leads us to believe the music is most likely for Rhett.

Rhett just released his third studio album Life Changes in September, but who knows maybe he is already working on new music, as proven by this photo, and country fans and pop fans alike should be jumping up for joy.

What would be even better is if Jonas and Rhett wrote a duet for Jonas’ upcoming record, since it is most likely going to be released before another record from Rhett. Either way, new music from the minds of Jonas and Rhett is a good thing.

What type of songs do you think this group of artists was working on?

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