Ed Sheeran Makes ‘Dangerous’ Decision About Upcoming Album

(Photo by Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images)
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Ed Sheeran has had a lot of success with his first three records, but when it comes to album number four, the British singer is ready to switch things up.

Sheeran has already started writing his next record, but when it will be released and what will be on it has been kept under wrap — until now. While we still don’t know the “when” about this next record, Sheeran has just revealed what type of music he plans to record, and it’s not his usual format.

“The next record that I’m making is not a pop album,” Sheeran told George Ezra on a recent episode of his new podcast, George Ezra & Friends.

The singer explained that “the reason it’s not a pop album is people expect you to come and the next album they’re going to be like ‘it has to be bigger than ‘Shape of You’ and it has to sell more than this.'” To “control” those expectations, Sheeran instead plans to release a “lo-fi” record he really loves. Explains the singer, “my fans are gonna be like ‘Yay!’, and the pop world are gonna be like ‘oh well, maybe the next one.'”

Sheeran doesn’t want to try and live up to his own hype on this next record, so that is why he’s changing its course all together and leaving behind the pop genre — at least for now.

“If the next album does, like, 2 or 1 [million], or 500,000, it’s not a failure because I’ve made an album where I’m not trying to get there, so it’s not a failure,” he explained. “No one’s going to be like, ‘that’s a flop’. They’re going to be like, ‘that’s what he wants to do.'”

The “Castle on the Hill” singer knows that the labels don’t like that, and that they want a “big pop album again,” but that’s not his plan. Sheeran admitted that same formula is “dangerous,” which is why you won’t be hearing a traditional pop album next time, and it’s actually kind of exciting.


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