Why Niall Horan Is Happy To Write ‘Bad Songs’

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Niall Horan’s debut album, Flicker, is a massive success, and although every song sounds like a winner to his fans, the Irish singer admitted that he was happy that the process of completing his record included some bad songs too. No, really!

During an interview with Australia’s Herald Sun, Horan opened up about the process of making a solo record as opposed to a group record like all of the albums he created as a part of One Direction, and the ability to take your time and do it your way was at the top of his pros list.

“For this record I could pick the producer, record with a full live band in a studio and go through every drum sound and guitar sound in detail. It was great,” Horan told the Herald Sun. “In a weird way it felt that’s how an album should be made. That was the best part of the whole thing for me.”

In comparison, Horan remembers the One Direction days of working on strict deadlines — to get as many albums to their dedicated fan base in the shortest amount of time — and even recording on the bus in between naps. For his own record, it was all about taking time to both make mistakes and perfect the songs.

“It was nice to take my time on this album,” Horan explained. “That’s what I had in my sight. When you’ve got time you’ve got time to make mistakes. I was able to write bad songs, and obviously had the good ones as well.”

We find it hard to believe Horan could even write a bad song based on all of the amazing tracks that are on Flicker, but if he did write bad ones, we’re glad he had the time to fix them, and push out even better ones for the final album release.

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