Hunter Hayes Plans To Release ‘Emotional’ New Record This Year

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Hunter Hayes has been busy working on a few new projects already this year, and luckily one of them is a new record.

Although Hayes has been focused on releasing his series of mini movies for his new songs, “You Should Be Loved,” “More,” and most-recently, “This Girl,” they aren’t songs that are necessarily going to be on his new album — but an album is coming.

“I was hoping it would be at least as emotional as the debut record. Honestly, I can’t compare this record to anything else,” Hayes told Taste of Country at the premiere of his most recent mini-movie music video. “I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve never written anything like the stuff on this album and there’s topics that I’ve never covered before that I’ve been afraid to cover. Musically, there’s some stuff we’ve tried that we’ve never tried before.”

The “Yesterday’s Song” singer’s next album will drop this year, and although Hayes isn’t sure if the three songs that have been a part of his mini-movie releases will be on the record, he knows that this next album will be deep and touch upon even more emotions than anything else he’s done.

“Really letting people in is always a better conversation. The fans taught me that lesson. If anything, I’m trying to listen to what they’ve taught me and work with the faith that they’ve put in my hands,” he noted.

Even though the country singer didn’t give us an exact release date for his upcoming full-length album, we’re glad to hear it will be deep, and personal, as are all of Hayes’ projects. As you wait for more news about this album, make sure to check out the last video for the Pictures project for the song “This Girl” now.

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