Maren Morris’ New Album Will Have ‘A Little Bit Of Everything’

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Maren Morris may have just released “Rich,” the fourth single off her debut album Hero, but she’s still finding time to focus on album number two.

In an interview with Beats 1 Radio, the “I Could Use A Love Song” singer opened up about what type of tracks she plans to have on the sophomore record, and it’s just about everything you could imagine, including country, of course.

“It’s kind of like the first one, it was a little bit of everything,” Morris told Beats 1 Radio via CMT. “I am still writing. I have like 10 more writes on the books, so I’m excited to see what comes out that kind of shapes the sound for me (and) is just connecting the dots of the songs.”

Morris revealed that she is re-teaming with some of the people who helped with her debut record, so the feel of her upcoming album might be similar to her first. That being said, her first record wasn’t straight up country, and since its release she’s collaborated with Niall Horan and Zedd on two very different songs, which is more along the lines of what you’ll hear on this next record.

Pop combined with R&B and rooted in country is Morris’ past, present, and future vibe and we are ready to hear what she comes up with stat.

“So it’s a little bit of everything, but still really rooted in a country, where I’ll always be,” she concluded.

What type of tracks do you hope to hear from Morris the second time around? We’re all for her country sound and a splash of other genres!

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