Jake Miller’s Album Announcement Comes With A Silver Lining

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The day has finally come! Jake Miller has revealed three new things about his new record, and there is a silver lining to each part.

For months now, fans of Miller have been waiting to find out when the Florida native’s next album will drop, what it will be called, and what the album’s cover will look like, and this week, Miller unveiled all of the answers. The “Overnight” singer announced on Twitter and Instagram that his next record, Silver Lining, is coming out on March 9, 2018, and the album art is mesmerizing.

“Couldn’t be prouder to announce that my new album Silver Lining comes out March 9. My biggest album yet. 14 new songs, and I wrote and produced almost every one of them,” Miller shared on Instagram along with the album artwork. “This album is about letting go of past experiences and bad energy and focusing on the road ahead. Understanding that something positive always comes out of something negative. I hope you love this album as much as I do.”

As you can see Silver Lining’s artwork is pretty amazing and features people flying with balloons as Miller looks on from the top of a cliff at the gorgeous sunset, and we’re obsessed. What’s even more exciting than the record’s album art and its release date is the fact that you can pre-order it now and receive a little silver lining of your own.

If you pre-order the record you will automatically get to hear Miller’s latest single off the album called “That Girl That’s Underneath.” It’s the third track on the record, but you can start listening to it ASAP.

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