Zayn Malik Shares Music Ideas With Fans

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
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With Zayn Malik’s debut solo record, Mind of Mine, dropping in 2016, it’s been far too long since we’ve heard new songs from the singer. Thankfully, the former One Direction singer seems to be busy “jamming,” and fans are totally on board with it.

On Sunday (Feb. 25) night, Malik posted a video of himself playing the guitar at home and fans are freaking out that the British singer could be previewing new songs off his upcoming sophomore album. “Jammin🌴latenight,” he captioned the video, which also begins with the words “late night ideas” on the screen before you see Malik’s face.

While we are all for one late-night jam session, fans will be happy to know that this is just one of the more recent videos and pieces Malik has been working on. In fact, the singer has posted 13 clips of himself singing and rocking out over the past three days.

Although a lot of these posts are of cover songs, but more often than not, Malik has just been free-styling and singing whatever comes to his mind.

We are definitely hoping some of these so-called “Jammin 🌴” videos are teasers from his next album. If they aren’t, however, we guess we’re fine with that too because listening to Malik sing any sort of song — whether it be late-night or early morning — is alright with us.

Plus, there has been a definite lull in new music from Malik over the past few years, so these clips are the music revival his fans have been wishing for. Oh, and since he previously teased a few videos of him playing the piano on Instagram, there is a strong chance that Malik’s new record — or at least the inspiration for it — is closer than we might think.

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