Dylan McDermott Reveals The Popular Rom-Com Role He Lost To Harry Connick Jr.

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Dylan McDermott and Harry Connick Jr. are both big names in Hollywood and have equally impressive careers, but which movie did McDermott get stolen from him by Connick Jr.? Hint: it’s a romantic comedy.

Over the years Connick Jr. has been in some big rom-coms including Hope Floats and P.S. I Love You, and according to McDermott, while visiting the Harry show no less, one of those roles was supposed to be his.

“Well you know Harry I’m still mad at you,” McDermott told Connick Jr. on his daytime talk show this week via Just Jared.

Why is he mad you ask? Well, because the LA to Vegas actor felt like he got robbed from a pretty big role thanks to Connick Jr.’s acting skills.

“You know what you did to me, you don’t even remember. Years ago, I was supposed to do movie with my friend Sandy Bullock. The movie was called Hope Floats and this guy stole my part,” he explained on the talk show. “I’m still mad about it… You beat me out man.”

Despite claiming he was “mad” McDermott and Connick Jr. had a good laugh about missed opportunities and now we really want to watch Hope Floats again. While we know Connick Jr. was a perfect fit opposite Sandra Bullock in the 1998 film, McDermott could’ve definitely pulled off the leading man role.

That being said, McDermott has always been more of a TV guy having played Bobby Donnel on The Practice, followed by a role on Big Shots then Dark Blue before appearing on Hostages, Stalker and of course American Horror Story, so maybe not getting that rom-com role was actually a good thing!

Which actor do you think would’ve been best alongside Bullock back in the day? Let us know in the comments below.

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