Louis Tomlinson Has Another ‘Good’ Music Update

(Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)
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Another day, another Louis Tomlinson music tease! At least it means Tomlinson is thinking about his fans, right? Of course!

In case you haven’t noticed the British singer is pretty much the king of sharing teases on Twitter about upcoming projects, and the social media master is at it again. On Thursday (March 1), Tomlinson decided to give his fans a little update on his music process and it’s all good.

“Good session today with good people!” Tomlinson shared on Twitter, giving us both hope and a few questions.

For starters, who are these “good people?” Do we know any of them? Does he mean artists to collaborate or just good people who are helping to make his debut record a reality? We’re of course rooting for the collaboration option, but good is good, especially if it means we’re one step closer to hearing a complete record from the “Miss You” singer.

In between teasing song lyrics from his upcoming solo album — which he did earlier this month — and shutting down possible album title questions, as well as this recent tweet, Tomlinson seems to be inching closer to a release date for his album. We can’t wait!

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