Jenna Fischer Says Her New ABC Show Is A ‘Character-Based’ Comedy

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Jenna Fischer is ready to take on another comedy with her upcoming series Splitting Up Together, and like The Office it is all about the characters.

During a recent interview with The Daily Wildcat, Fischer opened up about her newest TV venture, Splitting Up Together with Oliver Hudson.

“Yes, I really do like working in comedies, but I like working in the kind of comedies that are character-based. Less about the sight gags or one-liners and more character-based comedies like The Office or my new show Splitting up Together,” Fischer told The Daily Wildcat when asked if comedies is where she feels most comfortable.

Fischer is one funny lady, so it makes sense that comedies are her go-to genre, and we’re happy that the actress is coming back to TV with her new ABC series, which is about a couple getting divorced but still living together under the same roof for their kids.

“For example, my new show, Splitting up Together, allows viewers who do not have any prior experience or knowledge about divorce to identify with some of the themes of the show and it is also a positive portrayal of divorce and of parents that are co-parenting and concerned about their children’s emotional lives through this new chapter,” the actress explained.

It’s that ability to connect with the characters and not necessarily poke fun in order to get a laugh that Fischer likes most about her new show, and any comedy series for that matter.

“I like comedies where there are moments of sadness or moments that don’t revolve around humor all the time. This is my personal taste, and I tend to gravitate towards that,” she added.

Splitting Up Together premieres on March 29, 2018 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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