Hailee Steinfeld ‘Can’t Wait’ To See Where Her Debut Album Takes Her

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
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Hailee Steinfeld can do it all, she acts, dances and sings, and we’re continually impressed by her. Yes, she’s been busy focusing on acting the past few years, but her music career is alive and well, and that debut album she’s been talking about for so long is almost here.

During a recent interview with AOL Entertainment, Steinfeld opened up about her music career specifically, which began with three big singles, including her most-recent hit “Most Girls.” All of these successful tracks have made an impression on the artist, and Steinfeld isn’t stopping anytime soon.

“It’s crazy, really. It’s so exciting how the music thing has been working for me. To have one after another like that is not easy, and I owe a lot to my fans and my label,” Steinfeld told AOL Entertainment about her recent music success.

As for how she feels moving forward, the Pitch Perfect 3 star is just ready for her fans to hear her debut record, which is still being worked on as we speak… thank goodness.

“Mentally, I do feel like I’m on a roll, and I’m working on my album right now,” she explained. “With the EP and the last few singles, they’ve brought me all over the world, and I can’t wait to see where this album takes me.”

Fans of the Edge of Seventeen star are sure to be excited once Steinfeld’s record does drop and seeing as all of singles to date have been great, we’re sure her full album will blow us all away.

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