Jake Miller Says ‘Silver Linings’ Is ‘My Favorite Album I’ve Ever Made’

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Jake Miller is definitely a proud papa when it comes to his work, and his latest album is like the cherry on top of all his other music accomplishments.

The “That Girl That’s Underneath” singer has already revealed that this next record, Silver Linings, is “my favorite album yet,” and now he’s confirming once again that this record is better than anything he’s ever done.

“I can confidently say this is my favorite album I’ve ever made. From the music to the beats to the artwork. Couldn’t be happier right now,” Miller tweeted on Thursday (March 8), clearly gushing with pride over his finished product.

If you’re a fan of Miller, you already know that the Florida native does it all when it comes to his music. In fact, this is his second complete album that he produced on his own — without a record label — so you know it’s a labor of love.

With the album released today, it makes sense that Miller would be talking about how great the record is moments before it became public to his fans and followers. That being said, if you haven’t already listened to the full record, you can, and probably should start listening ASAP.

Sound off in the comments below telling us if you too think that this is the best record from Miller to date. If the artist himself thinks it, then it has to be true, right?

Silver Linings drops today, March 9, 2018!

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