Nick Jonas ‘Can’t Wait’ For Fans To Hear His New Album

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Nick Jonas has a new album in the works, and he can’t wait for his fans to hear it!

During a recent interview with Clash as its latest cover star, Jonas opened up about his upcoming record, which will be his fourth solo album to date.

“I can’t wait to release it and put it out there for people to hear,” Jonas told Clash, which reports that the album is already done, it just needs to be finalized.

While Jonas has been in the music industry for almost his entire life, he said that it wasn’t until this new album — which has yet to be given a title — that he was able to really find himself through song writing.

“I’ve really come into my own as a writer and a storyteller. I’m more sure [of myself], and I think that confidence and peace while creating really helps,” said Jonas.

Added the singer: “I’ve really pushed myself to find the optimism in what I want to say, from the sounds that inspire what I’m doing to the things I’m willing to talk about in my lyrics.”

Even though Jonas hasn’t divulged many details about this next record, he has released a few singles since his third album, Last Year Was Complicated, dropped in 2016.

In 2017 alone, he released three songs, “Remember I Told You,” featuring Anne-Marie and Mike Posner, “Find You,” and “Home,” which was featured in the animated film Ferdinand. With 2017 being the year of singles for Jonas, perhaps 2018 will be the year for a new complete album.

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