Jake Miller Says ‘Silver Lining’ Is ‘A Lot Different’ Than His Previous Record

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Jake Miller released his third studio album last week, and it’s clear that his sound and message have definitely changed since his first record dropped back in 2013.

After releasing Us Against Them in 2013 with Warner Bros. Records, Miller decided to start creating music on his own terms. His first record as a self-released product was 2017’s 2:00am in LA, and now his second self-produced record, Silver Lining, is here — and it’s very different from anything he’s done before.

“This whole album is a little bit different, about letting go of past experiences, people and bad energy,” Miller told Billboard about Silver Lining’s message, which helped him move past a failed relationship. “Moving on, trying new relationships, meeting new people — something positive that comes out of something negative.”

Miller’s professional hardships and challenges pushed him to make even bigger and better music from his 2013 start and it has even inspired newness and change from his last record to now. In fact, according to the Florida native, Silver Lining is his best record yet — something he has said it on more than one occasion.

“I can confidently say this album is a lot different than 2:00am in LA, and this is my best yet,” he explained. “I think that just comes naturally when I’m living how I’m living these days, with no one holding me back. I’m starting to feel more and more like a true musician.”

Listen to Miller’s third record, Silver Lining, here.

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